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God Can Be Annoying
Bene | 06, December

First Published on Medium. On my way home today from my client’s office, I noticed the cabdriver was

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Blumr: A Proudly Pinoy Live Media App
Bene | 08, September

FIRST DIBS: The truest real-time media application comes alive!!!

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What I Love About SEO
Bene | 22, June

Above all aspects of online marketing, SEO still is my first and only true love. For those who

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Digital is the way to go. Move your business to a whole new level and reach its maximum potential.


Do you need a website overhaul? A mobile app? A custom business system? Or perhaps you want to start your own tech venture? Our team is there from conceptualization to launch. From simple to complex business problems, let us help you design and build the technology fit for you.

For years now, I’ve been developing websites for individuals and companies. Together with my team, we also offer various digital solutions including mobile app development, business intelligence software and custom apps and systems.

Opening your own online store is like having millions of branches, with the whole world as your market.


I will work with you to design a customized ecommerce solution that meets your business requirements. However, it’s not enough that we just put up an e-commerce site and wait until customers naturally find you. We are also masters in putting your online store in front of your target customers.

We can continue to work with you to drive traffic, optimize conversion rates and increase sales. Our professional background in ecommerce deployment ranges from integrating open-source solutions to building reliable custom ecommerce solutions specific to your business.

There’s no single digital marketing formula applicable for all types of businesses. We tailor campaigns for your specific needs.


Real digital marketing entails being adept in multiple electronic platforms that can reach your target market in different stages of the buying behavior. In order to succeed in online marketing and be popular, relevant and established, your business has got to be using the right channels.

In a competitive world, having your brand – be it a website, a mobile app or a physical store – reach your target market can be a challenging one. That’s why we tailor-fit campaigns unique to your business and use applicable channels and sustainable strategies to deliver data-driven results.

When you need something, you search for it. SEO for me is the most sustainable and cost-effective marketing channel.


They say search engine optimization or SEO is dead. But as long as Google is still alive and still maintains the quality of their search results, SEO is here to stay. My strategy on SEO is simply the best combination of on-page optimization, technical fixes, content marketing, linkbuilding and online PR.

If you want to be on top of Google’s search results when people search for the product or service you offer, SEO deserves to be in your marketing budget. More and more companies are using SEO in their growth strategies. Rank high in search results and be the authority in your industry.


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