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How I Remember My First Real Job

I was single back then, newly recovering from a broken heart and from a long series of weekly night-outs with my best buddies Edric, Ian and friends. I figured it’s time I get a real, decent job after months of living on irregular income. Enough of hungover mornings wondering how I was able to go home the night before. Enough of wasted time and money constantly applying for a call center job when in the end I’d back out and just turn down the offer. In short, enough of being a bum. It’s time I get a real job where I can use and hone my skills. And where I’d have an entirely new environment to grow and start my career with.

I signed my first ever employment contract at Baich Group of Companies. And I never regret having done so. Here’s why:

I learned to believe in love and fate again.

I wish it wasn’t that cheesy, but it’s true. Baich Group consists of Printsonalities, Written in Ink, Purple Tag and The Wedding Lounge. These companies are owned by spouses Alvin and Chiw Bailon, reputable entrepreneurs in the Philippine wedding industry. First month into the job, I spent most of my time at work reading articles in wedding sites, watching JMag and Bob Nicolas wedding films, and of course knowing and living the company story altogether. I drowned myself in stories of destinies and happy endings, and then I found myself slowly becoming a believer once again. It was pretty cool being in a business serving people making happy memories. Maybe it was fate’s way of showing me that with love, life can’t be that bad after all.

I learned how to write like a girl.

Well, obviously, this post is an example. I was hired in Baich Group as their first and only in-house writer, with my services shared across the four companies. Primarily, though, our efforts were focused on building Printsonalities’ new website and company blog. I had to learn how to write fragrantly and elegantly at the same time to be consistent with the brand that only foreigners, celebrities and socialites can afford. I wrote invite descriptions like this up to blog articles such as this, and until now it still amazes me how I have fleshed out such amounts of cheese.

It was a happy and pleasant working environment.

That’s what really got me when I came in for the first interview up to the final interview with the owners themselves. The office was just so light and welcoming. You’d easily feel at home and you’d feel like everyone’s happy. It’s just consistent with the brand, that if I was a customer back then, I’d never think twice getting their services. That’s just how Sir Alvin, Ma’am Chiw and Ma’am Noky managed the companies back then (I’m sure until now.).

Speaking of management, management was impressive.

I had a hands-on/eye-witness experience in the business development and marketing side of the companies. It was very humbling to sit in meetings with the Executive team and the whole marketing team. I was impressed at how they practice democracy and dynamism in the company, giving ownership and responsibility to each of the members of the team. It taught me the importance of making your employees happy. It showed me the value of trusting people who work with you for the same goals. It was like a real family with Sir Alvin and Ma’am Chiw as our parents and Ma’am Noky as our Aunt.

I found my one true love.

..that is online marketing and SEO. I owe it to them all. To Sir Anton Sheker, our SEO consultant who worked with us building Printsonalities, Arnel Tirones, who practiced SEO and web development with me, and of course to Sir Alvin and Ma’am Chiw. I may have abruptly left the company then, but working with you guys was fateful for me. Yours is an avenue where people can grow, where happy occasions are gloriously celebrated and where people find their true path (at least for me). I remember you telling me during my final interview that you were praying for someone for that particular role. I may have not been the one God used to answer those prayers, but you were definitely the instruments He used to answer mine. You contributed greatly to where I am now and where I want to be, and I’ll forever be grateful to you.

This is Day 2 of my 30-Day Blog Challenge: Describe your first job.


  • Hanna
    March 10, 2016, 6:45 am  

    Hi. Nice blog. Why did you leave the company?

    • April 5, 2016, 12:25 pm

      Hi Hanna, sorry for the late response. I left Baich because I wanted to pursue SEO as a profession. I moved so I can increase my skillset and learn from experts/mentors. 🙂

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