God Can Be Annoying

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First Published on Medium. On my way home today from my client’s office, I noticed the cabdriver was a bit loud singing along as John Lennon and The Beatles’ songs

Blumr: A Proudly Pinoy Live Media App

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FIRST DIBS: The truest real-time media application comes alive!!!

What I Love About SEO

Above all aspects of online marketing, SEO still is my first and only true love. For those who do not know, SEO is short for search engine optimization. It is

One Thing at a Time

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Lately I’m being reminded of one of the greatest and handiest things I learned working in a startup environment, specifically from my ex-boss and friend Quentin Bouche: FOCUS. I met

Founder Institute Manila Spring 2015

Since I don’t have $500 to be able to enroll myself in this year’s Founder Institute program (calling for sponsors!) and since I’m also an advocate of Filipino entrepreneurship, I’m just

MoneyMax.ph Launches Car Insurance Comparison Platform

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Manila, Philippines – The Philippines’ first financial comparison platform MoneyMax.ph is now ready to give its users the ability to compare and get car insurance plans in the Philippines, offering

Oh and I rush to the start

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“Ma, I trust my gut. I trust my intuition. I know after all these, at the end of the day we’re better individuals. Just trust me.”

How to Succeed in the Internet Industry

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Published also on LinkedIn. One thing I’m utterly proud of at the moment is that I love where I belong now and I love what I do. I was lucky

We’re Still a Team

I listen to this song on full volume now, and I’m suddenly soaring through time, being transported six years back to the day we brought him to his final resting

How I Remember My First Real Job

I was single back then, newly recovering from a broken heart and from a long series of weekly night-outs with my best buddies Edric, Ian and friends. I figured it’s